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On October 25, 2023, Hurricane Otis of force 5 hit Mexico and notably the city of Acapulco with winds of more than 300 km/h. The damage is very significant, for the moment there is no official report on the number of deaths which is already several dozen.

Hurricane Otis past track

Hurricane Otis past track map.

Satellite photo Hurricane Otis hitting Mexico

Satellite photo of Hurricane Otis before hitting Mexico.

Satellite photo hurricane Otis

Satellite photo of hurricane Otis in Mexico.

Map Hurricane Otis dissipated

Map when Hurricane Otis dissipated.
French version  French version

Map intensification Hurricane Otis

Map of intensification of Hurricane Otis.

Hurricane Otis wind history

Hurricane Otis wind history.

Hurricane Otis winds speed

Hurricane Otis winds speed map.

Map of Hurricane Otis above Acapulco with speed winds

Map of Hurricane Otis above Acapulco with speed winds.

Map of Mexico

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