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Our maps in real time offers updated maps in real time, or with a small lag. Services possible on Internet :

Geolocation World :
Map in real time to know your position.

France Weather :
Weather Map of France with weather alerts in real time.

Flood risk in France :
Weather Map of France with weather alerts in real time.

Map of earthquakes :
Map showing all recorded earthquakes in the world, updated several times a day with Iris: Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology.

Satellite World :
Use both the European ENVISAT satellite sensors for satellites take pictures in real time in the world and in some cases less than 2 hours difference depending on the area and type of photo. Thanks to ESA, the Space Agency.

Weather Satellite In Europe :
Satellite map in real time to weather in Europe. With Meteosat get a picture with only 30 minutes late.

Map of winds in the world :
Wind map in the world with Windfinder, find the good spots in time.

Ships in the world :
Map positions in large vessels in the world, in real time, with the site.

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